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  • DriveNet-22
  • testchain-3

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Why is this on Google Drive?

Because we also host a 4 GB file (of BTC’s UTXOs) there, for “importing”. And we haven’t switched back yet.

The GitHub links are here:

This is new/unstable software assume that it is a virus that will set your computer on fire then steal your BTC. At first, you should only be running it in Qubues / VirtualBox etc.

Selected Release Notes

DriveNet-22 – April 15, 2019

DriveNet-22 and testchain-3.

We are resetting / starting with a new blockchain. You need to clear out both your DriveNet (~/.drivenet) and testchain (~/.testchain) data directories to use the new version. No sidechains will be active when you first start up DriveNet-qt.

  • Sidechain activation period lowered to 256 blocks with a maximum failure count of 64; for faster / more testing.

Bug fixes and improvements to BMM including:

  • Add 4 bytes of the previous sidechain block hash to BMM request. In addition to the sidechain number and some identifying bytes, BMM requests now include 4 bytes of the previous sidechain block hash.
  • Add optional signalling of WT^ hash in sidechain block headers. Added a WT^ hash field to sidechain block headers, for signalling the current WT^ that the mainchain should be voting on.
  • Fixed issue where BMM / critical data transaction fee outputs were not being collected by the miner. If you mine a block that includes these transactions, you will receive the fees at the same address as the coinbase payout.
  • Fixed issue with depositing to a sidechain after a WT^ payout has happened on that sidechain. Fix WT^ spend tracking, update CTIP properly.

DriveNet-21 – April 8, 2019

Bugfixes and Cleanup

DriveNet-20 – Mar 23, 2019


DriveNet-19 – Mar 22, 2019

  • The testchain sidechain has activated – its binary (testchain-1.01.00) is on the google drive.
  • Please make sure you update to the new version of DriveNet and testchain before trying to deposit to the new sidechain.
  • You do not need to delete any of your drivenet data, but you should delete your ~/.testchain folder if you have one.

Thank you to everyone who mined and provided data / logs during the process!

DriveNet-18 – March 14, 2019

Whats new:

  • GUI: Add comma separation to amount fields
  • GUI: Reorganize sidechain page
  • Other small gui fixes

DriveNet-17 – Mar 11, 2019

Hey everyone! We have a new version of DriveNet with a lot of upgrades ready. There’s also a new version of the sidechain template which has been renamed from “sidechain one” to “testchain”. We’re starting with a new blockchain so you’ll need to clear out all of your old data.

The sidechain management page (where you can propose a new sidechain or ACK / NACK current sidechain proposals) has been overhauled so it should be less confusing to create a new sidechain or activate one that someone else has proposed.

There’s more to come but this release has a ton of bug fixes, refactoring and improvements to test out. There are more bugs to fix but overall this version brings us very close to a final result (whatever that means for software that is never finished). We have more (mostly GUI) improvements to add but I think we can release something “finished” really soon.

At some point we should cooperate in the telegram to activate the testchain sidechain. If many of us are mining and ACK/NACKing the sidechain it should be an interesting test.

What’s new:

  • Improvements to sidechain control page (create new sidechains, ACK new)
  • No longer depend on the wallet code to watch sidechain addresses.
  • Simplified receive page
  • Add comma separators to amount fields on testchain sidechain
  • Other GUI improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Fix reindex bug that some people had when enabling txindex
  • Fix BMM change maturity bug
  • Copy bug fix a8b5d20f4f171828b2bd70ab2405c42b1e452e5b from upstream
  • Fix WT^ creation bug
  • Fix SCDB WT^ tracking bugs
  • Fix sidechain activation bugs

DriveNet-15 – Jan 9, 2019

This update includes: Sidechain miner dialog (sidechain activation & other settings) GUI improvements.

Sidechain activation bug fixes

You don’t need to clear out your data directory or anything else, just start using the new binary.

DriveNet-14 – Jan 3, 2019

This version has added basic GUI control of sidechain activation & voting. On the sidechain tab you will now see a “manage” button. Clicking “manage” will show a new window where miners can propose new sidechains, decide which sidechains to signal activation for, and generate configuration files for the mainchain and any sidechains.

You don’t need to clear out your data directory, just start running the new version.